Parts & Distribution Logistics

Brand Protect Plus LLC. sets the standards in forecasting part needs for dealers and consumers quickly and efficiently. By allowing inventory times and fill rates to exceed industry standards, customers will receive the right part at the right time at the right place. BPP strives to meet, and in many cases exceed your customers’ expectations of superior service in the following disciplines:

Warehouse Storage and Operations

With warehouse locations in both the United States and Canada, Brand Protect Plus has the capacity to receive and seamlessly distribute parts or products to your customers in all of North America. Not only can we store and allocate items, our EDI software will integrate your business with advanced technology so your customers will be part of the process. The use of this technology helps to minimize handling costs, miscommunication, along with shipping and billing errors.

Shipping & Tracking

Time is important to our company, to your company, and especially to your customers. We have the capability to provide your customers with both same and next day shipping to ensure a well-organized, quick, and efficient product delivery. Communication is key in every aspect of our business and is an integral part of your customers’ successful experience.