Contact Center Solutions

At Brand Protect Plus LLC, our goal is to provide scalable and flexible contact center solutions for any size business. We pride ourselves on being not just another 3rd party contact center, but an actual extension of your business. We have a seamless approach to integrating our services into your current operations by enhancing and supporting your company’s vision, goals, and expectations. Our solution based process includes the following services:

Inbound/Outbound Customer Support

Our contact center handles over 500,000 inbound/outbound phone calls per year in the United States and Canada. We provide a scalable support structure, technical troubleshooting, product upsales, warranty redemption, and more. We have a perpetual training program assuring an up to the minute customized knowledge of our clients’ products, allowing our team to focus on what truly matters: your customers. This commitment to our contact center professionals is an integral component of our goal to achieve consistent first call resolutions.

Email Support Solutions

We handle over 250,000 emails and successfully answer each email within 24 business hours. We utilize a response management system that allows us to centralize each email even from multiple email addresses. Our response management solution also ensures that each email for your individual customer is handled by the same agent in a conversational view. This strategy eliminates miscommunication issues and allows us to effectively provide personal attention to your customer from start to finish.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our custom CRM and Reporting solutions have been developed over the course of the past 10 years. Why settle for a CRM or Contact Management solution that doesn't have all of the things you need? We have a development staff that can tailor our CRM and Contact Management solutions to your businesses’ needs. Our CRM and on demand reporting capabilities can effectively maximize insight into consumer issues directly from your customers.