Your Customers. Our Focus. At Brand Protect Plus LLC, our mission is to provide outsourced customer service, support software, and fulfillment services that help our client’s exceed their customers’ expectations through every step of the experience.
How we can help!
Our industry experience

There are many industries in which we have specific and long term experience; however, we are always looking to grow within and outside of these industries.

Home & Garden Our team has over 10 years of experience of working within the home and garden industry. Our experience ranges from helping customers apply lawn care products to utilizing pest control products. Our agents are well versed with following industry guidelines, policies and procedures.
Consumer Packaged Goods Our call center was originally established to handle parts calls for consumer packaged goods. Since then, we’ve helped several companies create customer service programs that are geared towards maintaining brand loyalty, upholding a brand’s reputation and protecting the brand.
eCommerce & Ordering We’ve worked throughout the years with clients who run eCommerce websites/sales campaigns while utilizing our agents to handle the phone side of ordering. Our team has worked with every major eCommerce platform ranging from Magento to Shopify.
Technology Adapting to the ever changing technology is important for companies within any industry, but also important that their current and future customers adapt as well. Our team of experts are knowledgable with troubleshooting apps, electronics (e.g. WiFi/Bluetooth enabled products) and can help consumers with the support they need to get a product properly setup.