Seamless call center solutions

Our goal is to provide scalable and flexible call center solutions for any size business. We pride ourselves on being not just a 3rd party call center, but an actual extension of your business. We have a seamless approach to integrating our services into your current operations by enhancing and supporting your company’s vision, goals, and expectations.

Flexible & scalable plans

We offer a variety of plans to support virtually all call center needs. Outlined below are different plans that our team can help you find the best fit your organization.

Shared Agents Customized and scalable team based on volume presented within the contact center. These agents follow customized scripting, share knowledge between multiple accounts and are trained for smooth transitions when answering calls between multiple brands. With the flexibility of this platform we have the ability to increase staffing to cover peak times, seasons, and promotions.
Dedicated Agents This platform provides a team designed and trained on specific policies, procedures, and knowledge exclusively for one client. They serve as dependable brand ambassadors who specialize and have background knowledge in specific industries or are trained to understand all the intricate details of the consumers life cycle and can assist with all aspects.
Overflow Objectives are to maximize client's potential, avoid missing a call or possible opportunity, and expand beyond capacity during peak periods. We aim to be a transparent third party who is available at various times, days, and situations. Our live operators can exceed normal call center expectations and complete tasks such as additional sales, troubleshoot, schedule appointments, register customers for events, and much more.
We've got solutions
  • Inbound & Outbound Calls
  • Multilingual Agents
  • Indepth Troubleshooting
  • Risk Management Support
  • Voicemails
  • Call Backs
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Recall Support
  • Product Registration
  • Warranty Redemption
  • Sales & Order Entry

We pride ourselves in being a turn-key call center solution. Our agents are experts in dealing with all aspects of customer service ranging from handling warranty to risk management issues. We provide a scalable support structure, technical troubleshooting, product upsales, warranty redemption, and more. We have a perpetual training program assuring an up to the minute knowledge of our clients’ products or services, allowing our team to focus on what truly matters: your customers. This commitment to our call center professionals is an integral component of our goal to achieve consistent first call resolutions.

Blueprinting for success

No matter if you are currently outsourcing or have an in-house customer service department, we make the on boarding process as seamless as possible regardless of industry, volume, or support model (shared, dedicated, overflow) chosen. We can help you from the very start. Our team is experienced in developing new standard operating procedures, training programs, FAQs, reporting and KPIs to fit your needs.

  • Dedicated Trainers
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance
  • Establishing SOPs
  • CRM Configuration
  • Knowledgebase Setup